The Commodores Trophy

In October of 2006, the Board of Directors of Blackwater Yacht Racing Association approved the retirement of the Robert Sparger Memorial Commodore Trophy that recognized contribution to the sport of sailing.  The board further approved replacement of the Sparger Trophy with a new perpetual trophy named the Commodores Trophy.

The Commodores Trophy may be awarded annually at the discretion of the Commodore to the person who, in his or her sole opinion, has made an extraordinary contribution to Blackwater Yacht Racing Association during that year.

The recipient is to hold the perpetual trophy for one year.  At the time that he or she is awarded the trophy, he or she will also be presented with a smaller trophy or plaque to keep permanently.

Year Recipient
2022 Jim Evans
2021 Paul Hemler
2020 Mauricio and Courtenay Becerra
2019 Jim Schaible
2018 Jim Evans
2017 Seth Oginz
2016 Warren Theis
2015 Bob Toone
2014 Mike Maloney
2013 Paul Triska
2012 John Short
2011 Warren Theis
2010 Paul Greier
2009 John Breckenridge
2008 Pete Phillip
2007 Charlie and Loretta Manning
2006 Ben Gardner

The Robert Sparger Memorial Commodore Trophy

During the late 70's Robert Sparger along with his brother Merritt Sparger came to Pelican Point to purchase a Hobie 16. At that time Robert was the sailor. Merritt was ready to learn. A few weeks after buying the boat Robert along with other members of the family took a trip to Tangier Island. It was at this time they hit a power line and Robert was killed. The next year, Merritt along with the boat, became a part of Hobie Fleet 290 based at Pelican Point. Merritt went on to become a very active and competitive member of Fleet 290.

In the early 80's the Sparger family established the perpetual memorial Commodore Trophy in memory of Robert. This trophy traveled through Fleet 290 for several years. When Fleet 290 merged with BYRA the trophy then became a part of BYRA with the Sparger family's blessing.

The Sparger family's desire was that this perpetual trophy was to be awarded annually by the Commodore to that person who, in his sole opinion, had during that year contributed the most to the SPORT of sailing, not to be confused with racing. Over the years the recipient has grown from individuals to, in some cases, couples.

To date, the following members have been recipients of the Sparger award:

Year Recipient
2005 Warren Ibaugh
2004 George and Holly DeMestro
2003 Karen Litz
2002 Jim Forrester
2001 Ben Gardner
2000 Patrick Sizemore and Debra Copeland
1999 Loretta Manning
1998 Butch Meredith and Luanne Nolley
1997 Kurt Lindquist
1996 Tom Hardy
1995 Charlie Manning
1994 The Cliborne Family
1993 Ben and Marty Gardner
1992 Ralph and Ginny Zahn
1991 Pat Cliborne
1990 Howard and Katherine Chilton
1989 Christine Giles
The recipient is to hold the trophy for one year. At the time he or she surrenders the trophy and it is passed to another, he or she is presented with a smaller trophy or plaque to keep permanently, acknowledging the year in which he or she held same.

Note - In the last few years, the smaller permanent trophy was awarded at the same time as the perpetual trophy.